Typing Game: City Of Grendale — How to play & Review

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Developed by: typinggames.zone

Should you play?No (We do not recommend)

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Target Learner Level: BEGINNER

How to play

This is an adventure type game.

You explore through beautiful places and kill enemies.

You also collect from chests.

To move around, you use the following keys:

  • E Key: Use this key whenever you need to go up.
  • K Key: Use this key whenever you need to sit down.
  • F Key: Use this key to go left.
  • J Key: Use this key to go right.
There are two other very important key:

  • Enter Key: Press this key whenever you need to hit your enemies with a stick/bat.
  • D Key: Sometimes you need to open a door. D is your secret key to open the doors.
There is a lengthy introduction at the beginning of this English typing test game. You can ignore this introduction. So, skip the introduction and start playing the game.

Always notice the arrow with the "GO" word. It indicates the secret door. Go there and use the D key to open the door.

Review Summary

Price: Free

Story: You explore through a mystic place, kill enemies and collect golden fruits and coins.

Graphics: This game has amazingly beautiful graphics.

Environmental view: The total environment is very eye-catching. It is hard not to like it.

Design: This game is a great example of game design. Professional games are just like this.

Animations: This game has such beautiful animations that you will always get a great game feel.

Sound effects: All sound effects are very appealing without any doubt.

Music: The music is also very interesting to listen to.

Load time: It takes some time to load this game.

Character details: The artists have depicted the characters with great details.

Menu: We did not notice any menu in this game. Instead we noticed a long introduction.

Challenges: Mastering the movement keys to keep exploring is your main challenge.

Progression (slow/fast): It does not take long to finish each level.

Limitations: You need only 6 (six) letters to control the game. So, it is not a test to check your average typing words per minute score.

Faults (bugs and glitches) / Weaknesses / Disappointments: In this great game we did not notice any bugs or glitches but it has a big weakness.

Was it an enjoyable experience? (Frustrating/interesting) Sure! It was really an enjoyable experience.

Is it addictive and/or satisfying? Many game players may find this addictive and satisfying.

Replay value: There is little replay value.

Do we recommend this game? No.

Review Details

Price: Free Typing Game

Story: An owl drops the player in a mysterious land and the owl patiently waits for the player. The player goes ahead and sometimes up and down to kill enemies by hitting with a stick/bat. He also collects golden fruits and coins from the chests. Sometimes he needs to jump to go up and sometimes down. Every time he completes a level by entering a secret door. As soon as he stands in front of the door and you press the D key, he enters a new level. The process goes on from one level to the next.

Graphics: This game has very beautiful graphics elements. The artists who designed it are just world class artists. There is a high probability that you will like the graphical elements.

Environmental view: The environmental view is just superb and pleasing. It is so good that it will keep you attached to the game.

Design: The game designer is a master. He/she knows very well what he is doing. He/she has great talent in game design.

Animations: You will notice beautiful and eye-catching animations everywhere. We bet you will like these animations.

Sound effects: This game has used the perfect sound effects. These effects make the game more enjoyable.

Music: The music is a great match with this game. The music brings a mysterious feel while you play.

Load time: It did not take a long time to play this beautiful game.

Character details: Every character is created with amazing details. It is hard to complain here.

Menu: Since it is a simple and self-explanatory game, they have not used any menu.

Challenges: Mastering the 6 (six) keys and using them in the right time is the greatest challenge. Going to the key door is another challenge. Killing all enemies and collecting all golden fruits and coins before going to the door is another challenge.

Progression (slow/fast): If you can control the player very well, you can kill all enemies and collect the coins fast.

Limitations: This game does not use a typing test paragraph for words per minute test because it is just a letter practice game for beginners.

Faults (bugs and glitches) / Weaknesses / Disappointments: We found a big weakness in this game. Although the game is very beautiful, it takes a long time to play this game. We should not invest such a long time to master only 6 (six) keys. There are other typing games that are straightforward and let you practice all keys within a short period of time. So, you can save a lot of time.

Was it an enjoyable experience? (Frustrating/interesting) To be honest, yes we enjoyed the game but we cannot recommend this game because it takes a lot of time to practice.

Is it addictive and/or satisfying? Some people will surely find this game addictive and satisfying. We were satisfied because of its beautiful environment but the core benefit is small.

Replay value: If you want to save time and be efficient, do not play this game. Instead play our recommended free typing speed test game. You really need speed typing online.

Do we recommend this game? No. There are better games. Play those fast typing games as those contain 10 finger typing tests.

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