Typing Game: TypeRacer — How to play & Review

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Developed by: play.typeracer.com

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Target Learner Level: ADVANCED

How to play

Once you go to the game web page, you need to click on the big green "Enter a Typing Race" button.

A countdown will start and you will get 10 seconds to get ready. After 10 seconds, you will get an opportunity to type a paragraph in an input box.

Depending on your typing correctness and speed, the top car (your car) will go ahead.

You need to type fast without making any mistakes to win the game.

As soon as you finish typing the full paragraph, the game ends. Then you will get an opportunity to type a new paragraph. This process goes on.

Review Summary

Price: Free

Story: Among 5 cars, you need to win by typing fast.

Graphics: I am not happy with their graphics.

Environmental view: Plain and simple. Nothing eye-catching.

Design: Very simple although easy for any user. Anyone can open they game and start playing without any instructor.

Animations: There is no animation. Even if you say car speed animation, I disagree.

Sound effects: There is no sound effect.

Music: There is no music too.

Load time: Fast. Loads within 10 seconds.

Character details: Nothing more than simple car images.

Menu: Typing Test and Race your friends.

Challenges: Keep watching the given random paragraph and typing it without making any mistake.

Progression (slow/fast): Good speed for typing practice.

Limitations: Boring. You cannot practice letters and words separately.

Faults (bugs and glitches) / Weaknesses / Disappointments: I did not see any bugs or glitches but I was disappointed to see its naive appearance.

Was it an enjoyable experience? (Frustrating/interesting) No, I did not enjoy this game. There are much better games.

Is it addictive and/or satisfying? Neither addictive nor satisfying.

Replay value: Good. Although boring, you can keep practicing over and over again.

Do we recommend this game? No

Review Details

Price: Free Typing Game

Story: There are 5 (five) cars in this game. You own the top car. Other cars below your car will run without any action from you. Your car will go ahead when you type in the correct order. You cannot type the next word until you properly type the current word. Once you finish the current paragraph, the game ends. The game will give you another opportunity to play this game based on another random paragraph.

Graphics: Graphics is surely boring but I must say its overall look is clean without any clutter. It is good enough to serve its purpose.

Environmental view: The environmental view of this speed typing online is neat and clean. There are only those things that are barely required. The minimalist 10 finger typing test game has 5 (five) cars, dotted lines and typing test WPM.

Design: Although there are not many items in the game, they have placed everything in a compact area. Even though the game is designed in a small area, you will face no problem with these typing practice paragraphs.

Animations: Although the cars go ahead, it looks like some dead cars are mechanically pushed ahead. Some animations could make this game interesting.

Sound effects: This game is so simple that it does not even have any sound effects.

Music: Music is also not used in this game. Why? I do not know the answer.

Load time: The game load time is very fast although you may need to wait 10 (ten) seconds for every typing speed practice.

Character details: You can surely understand everything without any explanation but things could be much better.

Menu: The menu of this game has two options: (1) Typing Test: Improve your typing skills on your own and (2) Race your friends: Create your own racetrack and play with friends

Challenges: Typing without making a mistake is one challenge. Fixing your error is another challenge. The reason is - the game will not let you go ahead until you fix your error and make it completely correct.

Progression (slow/fast): It is a fast typing game. The faster you type, the faster your car runs and eventually you win. You type one paragraph and the game lets you go to the next paragraph.

Limitations: You cannot practice letters and single words in this game. You can practice only given paragraphs.

Faults (bugs and glitches) / Weaknesses / Disappointments: This game is smooth and runs without bugs and glitches. At least I did not find any bugs or glitch. I was a bit disappointed because it does not have a strong game feel.

Was it an enjoyable experience? (Frustrating/interesting) Although it is a very famous game and good for writing speed tests, I did not find it interesting. I cannot say that it was frustrating. It was just not interesting.

Is it addictive and/or satisfying? Some people who love very simple things may find it addictive. For me, it is definitely not addictive.

Replay value: You can play this English typing speed test game over and over again. Every time they give you a new random paragraph.

Do we recommend this game? No.

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