Typing Game: Typing Balloon — How to play & Review

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Developed by: kidztype.com

Should you play?No (We do not recommend)

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Target Learner Level: BEGINNER

How to play

The game idea is simple. Beautiful balloons are flying up and leaving the game canvas.

Each balloon has an English letter marked on it.

Your job is to type any of these letters fast and thus pop it.

What if you do not type or fail to type a letter? You just score less in such a care. We did not notice any other punishment for not typing a letter. So, do not take a lot of pressure.

Unfortunately, we noticed that the speed of the balloons are fast and there are multiple balloons at a time. You must be a fast typist or score low every single time.

At the end, you can see your score and get a chance to play again.

Review Summary

Price: Free

Story: It is a balloon popping game by typing the letter marked on it in this fast finger typing game.

Graphics: The graphics of this fast finger typing game is beautiful even though the developer has used too much blue color.

Environmental view: The far island, clouds and other elements give this game a modern look and feel.

Design: The designer has successfully designed this game because it works smoothly.

Animations: The animations are good enough.

Sound effects: We like the sound effects because these are good. We dislike the sound effects because you may not tolerate these for a long time.

Music: Can you tolerate this music for a long time?

Load time: This game took somewhat more time to load unlike other typing test games.

Character details: We did not notice any character in this game.

Menu: You can select from Home Row, Top Row, Bottom Row and All Rows.

Challenges: Typing fast is the main challenge in this fast typing test game. Type fast or score low.

Progression (slow/fast): The balloons were moving so fast that we could not manage them.

Limitations: You cannot get a words per minute typing test here.

Faults (bugs and glitches) / Weaknesses / Disappointments: Should there be so many fast moving balloons at the same time?

Was it an enjoyable experience? (Frustrating/interesting) To be honest, we did not enjoy this game.

Is it addictive and/or satisfying? It was neither addictive nor satisfying for us.

Replay value: We did not find any replay value in this game.

Do we recommend this game? No.

Review Details

Price: Free Typing Game

Story: The game idea is pretty simple. The more balloons you pop, the more you score. You do not need to pop any specific balloon first. You can pop any balloon flying in the game canvas. There is a high chance that you feel frustrated by the number of balloons.

Graphics: The graphics of this typing test 10 fast fingers game is so polished that it is hard to complain.

Environmental view: The running boat and blue water along with the far island, clouds and trees make this game look like a modern game.

Design: The design is pretty good. You will be able to play smoothly and you will get a game feel.

Animations: The animations are good enough although they have not used much animations.

Sound effects: Sound effects are good but can the developer himself/herself tolerate these effects for a long time? The developers should always take this issue seriously.

Music: We do not want to say that their music is bad but it can be hard to listen to this music over and over again when you are trying to concentrate for a long time.

Load time: For us, the game did not load within 10 (ten) seconds. It seemed like a heavier game.

Character details: We cannot say anything about character details because this game does not have any character.

Menu: At the beginning, you will see the following menu:

  • Home Row
  • Top Row
  • Bottom Row
  • All Rows
At the end, you will see the following menu:

  • Play Again
  • Main Menu
  • More Games

Challenges: If you cannot type fast, this free typing speed test game is not for you.

Progression (slow/fast): We do not know. Once we were irritated by too many fast moving balloons. So, we quit in the middle of the free online typing test game.

Limitations: Please note that this game is not for typing practice paragraphs. It is for letter typing practice only.

Faults (bugs and glitches) / Weaknesses / Disappointments: Although we did not notice any bugs or glitches, we think too many balloons at the same time is surely a weakness of this game.

Was it an enjoyable experience? (Frustrating/interesting) Too many balloons did not let us enjoy this game.

Is it addictive and/or satisfying? Sorry but we could not be addicted to this online typing test in English.

Replay value: Is there any replay value in this game? Surely not for us!

Do we recommend this game? No. There are better games. Just play those better games.

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